Cancel Culture Dictionary: An A to Z Guide to Winning the War on Fun by Jimmy Failla

Cancel Culture Dictionary An A to Z Guide to Winning the War On Fun

You may know Jimmy Failla as the best dressed man in cable news. A force multiplier of positive energy on the radio who sounds like he gets paid in Tequila and Tide Pods. But he’s also a former New York City Taxi Driver who’s spent countless hours conversing with people from all over this planet and several planets you’ve never heard of. It’s those chats with hobbits, hookers, and time travelers that fill The Cancel Culture Dictionary with the unique perspective and savage self-awareness we need to escape the outrage era society is stuck in.

About the Author

Jimmy Failla

Jimmy FaillaJimmy Failla is the host of FOX News Saturday Night (Saturdays, 10PM/ET) and FOX News Radio program “FOX Across America” (Weekdays, 12-3 PM/ET).

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